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Our Value Proposition

  Long-term stable cash-flows from long-term power contracts.

Jade Power sells its power through long-term contracts with bankable counter-parties.  With a diversified portfolio of generation assets with little variation in output on an annual basis, and long-term contracts providing a high degree of visibility on pricing, Jade Power is able to deliver predictable long-term cash-flows.


  Capitalizing on growth opportunities in emerging markets.

Jade Power has the infrastructure and team in place to capitalize on opportunities in emerging markets with higher return potential than the equivalent opportunities in developed markets.  The management team of Jade Power has a demonstrated track record of sourcing, financing, and operating companies in emerging markets.  It is management’s view that over time, a portfolio of power generation assets diversified by generation type, geographic location, functional currency, and jurisdiction, will achieve a very low risk profile.


  Tax optimization through income trust structure.

Jade Power is structured as an income trust, and as such does not pay income tax in Canada on active business income generated around the world.  We believe that enjoying tax-free status in an OECD country contributes to Jade Power’s competitiveness by lowering its cost of capital and maximizing after-tax cash-flows available to be returned to investors.

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